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“The Hollows” Out october 15.
Sky Architects is no more. Read more here.

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The story of Sky Architects

Since 2006 we’ve been recording,
touring, releasing and drinking. 

We aim to play music because it’s fun,
and we find ourselves inspired by metal, pop,
progressive, post-rock, jazz,
classical, soundtracks

and much, much more. 

We’ve released quite a few sounds,
and have quite 
a few videos.
Hopefully, this is just the beginning.

Please read on, or get in touch for anything – we always reply!

Our new album “The Hollows” is out October 15.
Can even be downloaded as a “name your price” on bandcamp.
First single is available here. 

Produced by Anders Ruby, and with guests such as Odd Shapes
(also featured on “Breach these walls” from previous album)
and a vocal perfomance from Stine Dreier.


We love to play shows. Big and small. Local or foreign.
Throw us a MAIL for details. We´ve gone back to handling this ourselves,
so you´ll have direct contact with the band from start till end.



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The Band

4 guys who love
to play music.
And then a
lot of guests.
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Stefan – Guitar/Vocals
Steffen – Drums
Benjamin – Bass
Thomas – Guitar


“Sky Architects” (EP)
“The Reflection” (EP)
“The Steps EP” (Digital Release)
“The Promise of Tomorrow” (Album, VME)
“The Fall of Kings” (Digital Single)
“The Hollows” (Digital album)

Listen to – and download – all songs:
HERE. (and on Itunes, Spotify, etc.)


Our sounds are often used
for movies, games and


Contact us HERE
or our publishers HERE.


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Contact Us

Band: steffen@fundamentet.org
(0045) 26195278