About Sky Architects

Post-Rock/Alternative-Rock Band from Aarhus Midtjylland, Denmark.

In 2008 Sky Architects released their selftitled debut EP, which showed a band who wanted to bring something new to the postrock stage by fuzing it with pop, jazz and metal, but still hadn’t found themselves. With the release of their EP “The Reflection” (Dec. 2010), a more focused and united band was shown, with a more clear cut sound. They call their own genre for Doom-Pop, as they try to bring emotional melodies together with heavy chords and progressive song structures.

In 2012 they released the album “The promise of tomorrow” in most of Europe (ex. UK) through VME and signed publishing deals in US and Germany.
After this followed one year of touring, videos, festivals, interviews and much more.

2013 saw the release of the single “The Fall of Kings”.

In october 2015 “The Hollows”, the bands next and final album, will be released.